Rhode Island Housing

A campaign about real Rhode Islanders helping real Rhode Islanders.

About The Project

RI Housing helps Rhode Islanders find, buy, and keep their homes and they have been doing it for over 45 years. They were in the midst of a large branding campaign and it would rely heavily on video. They came to us to help produce 2 TV ads.

Life is full of big moments. And buying your first home is one of them. Our goal was to capture REAL moments. We wanted it to be authentic. No actors, no lighting, no wardrobes, no directing. So we spent a few weeks with some real people experiencing these big first moments in life, with the ones who support them through it. Sometimes you don’t need big, flashy movie sets or the “perfect” shot to get your message across. This was one of those projects.

What We Did

Concept Development

Script Writing




Video Editing

Sound Design