Powertech Generators

A brand new, cutting edge technology was being introduced, and Powertech needed to get the word out.

About The Project

Powertech is the leading manufacturer of mobile generators in the country. They were integrating new technology into their products that gives customers the ability to monitor their generators from their phones. Sound confusing? It is. That’s why they came to us to produce an explainer video about the new product. They needed something that was on brand and explained the new system and its benefits in a clear and concise way. The video was mean to be used on their website, social media, and well as a sales tool for their team.

One of the bigger challenges on this project was the fact that they did not want to have a voiceover. A lot fo their viewers may be watching with no sound. So we had to be sure that the imagery painted a very clear picture.

What We Did

Concept Development



Motion Graphics


3D Motion Design

Sound Design