Leyden's Tree Farm

The story of a big man with an even bigger heart.

About The Project

Picking out a tree at Leyden’s Tree Farm is a Christmas tradition for most Rhode Islanders, and the founder, Big John Leyden, was a legend. Unfortunately he passed away in December of 2018, just 2 days before Christmas. A year later, the Leyden family came to us to produce a video for the farm that they could use for marketing purposes. They weren’t sure what they wanted, they just knew they needed more video of the farm. When we started doing our research and getting to know the family, we realized that the real story was about Big John himself. He was the farm. His spirit, his personality, his love for the land…that is what made Leyden’s Tree Farm so special. The story of the tree farm was the story of Big John, so that is what we set out to capture. We were honored to tell his story. Merry Christmas all!

What We Did


Concept Development



Video Editing

Sound Design