Video Production and Video Marketing

Video has quickly become the leading content type across nearly all digital platforms. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, behind Google. That means people would much rather WATCH than READ these days. This is why we work so hard with our clients to create videos for marketing and branding purposes that set them apart from their competition.

It's all about the process. Here's how it goes.


Our pre-production work starts with thoughtful concepting. After our broader ideas are in place, we work through remaining details such as scriptwriting/storyboarding, location research, actor auditions, etc. Our thorough pre-production planning leads to a more effective production and post production experience.


Our production work is where the actual shooting begins. The two components that make for a good production are directing and resources. With our hands-on site supervision, high end cameras and equipment, and in-house studio, we are fully prepared to deliver the best possible production set-up and execution.

Post Production

Once we capture the footage, our post production work comes into play. Post production can include editing and adding voiceovers or motion graphics. Most importantly, our post production work is about going over every single detail so that our end result is perfect.

Video Marketing

Once the video is complete, we can then market it for you. Our video marketing strategy involves placing your video in areas where it will attract maximum attention and convert viewers into customers. We look at a range of platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Television and beyond to decide where your video will get not only the most views but also the most customers.


We’re up for the challenge.