Social Media

Social Media isn’t just another way to reach customers–it is also a platform where your business can show off its personality. We help you develop a strong presence while sticking to your brand identity. We run ad campaigns simultaneously across a variety of social media platforms using targeting tools to reach the viewers who will most likely become customers.

``The Big 4`` and how we leverage them.


Maintaining an active facebook account is highly beneficial for your business, particularly in terms of increasing your online visibility. Facebook is a great place to promote your business in a fun and creative way that will draw in consumers by building a relationship as opposed to courting one. Our facebook strategy focuses on gaining followers by engaging people through sponsored posts, promoted events or sales, consumer targeting, and conversion tracking.


Like Facebook, Twitter is an important space for connecting with potential customers. We help you gain followers through promoted accounts and retargeting, and use tools such as custom lead generation cards to help you reach out to those followers and get in touch with them.


The fastest growing app out there, Instagram is a great way to show off your personality. We will leverage your Instagram presence through sponsored photos and videos, which we target to users based on their other online activity. The merge with Facebook makes managing accounts and ads seamless.


Online video popularity is surging, which is why the power of YouTube cannot be underestimated as a platform for video and mobile ads. We create custom brand channels and monitor viewer behavior and demographics to target the viewers most interested in your brand.

While these 4 platforms are the most popular, your business may require even more exposure on other accounts such as SnapChat, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn and more. We are fully versed in all things Social Media and always make sure our clients are where they need to be in the social world and are benefiting from it.


We’re up for the challenge.