Top of the Bay Restaurant

Social Media, Video, Web

A Beachfront Restaurant

The Challenge

Top of The Bay needed a fresh, new look to their marketing to go along with recent renovations at the venue. Summer was approaching and they wanted to attract more customers into their restaurant for the season, as they have a prime spot right on the water in RI with a serious roof deck. It was time for a new website and new video campaign.


The problem with their old advertising was that it didn't convey the atmosphere at the restaurant. When we went in to do our pre-production, that was the one thing that stood out. Everyone was happy, the sun was shining, and the drinks were cold. So that was what we wanted to convey. We wrote a script that was short and to the point and captured footage that made people say, ``Let's go get dinner THERE tonight!``.


Like the video, the goal was also to convey the great atmosphere. So we got creative and utilized the entire browser window to showcase their restaurant in the background on every page. Integrating OpenTable allows visitors to make reservations directly from the site, visitors can sign up for email updates, and the Menu is easy to update since it changes so much. A bright, modern design that functions on all platforms gave Top of the Bay just what they were looking for in a website overhaul.


In the weeks leading up to the summer season, we ran a highly targeted ad campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. The first day that it was put out there it got over 1500 views. A strategic TV buy put the ad on the air during peak times; evening news, morning news, major sporting and entertaining events.

Traffic to the website spiked once the video was being seen. There were a lot more inquiries through the contact form and the first weekend after the ad ran, there were double the normal amount of reservations made through the website.