Seth Magaziner for Treasurer


The Race for Treasurer

The Challenge

When Seth Magaziner was running for General Treasurer of Rhode Island in 2014, we were brought on as part of the video production team to produce several online videos. Our biggest task was his campaign announcement video. We also had to produce several videos throughout the campaign on very short notice with quick turn around times. But we were up to the task.


We produced Seth's campaign announcement video where we told his story from growing up in small town Rhode Island, to teaching under privileged children in Louisiana, to his decision to run for Treasurer. Several days of shooting went in so we could get the exact locations we wanted, which were all very thought out and planned. The key part was a long interview process where we were involved in crafting the right message with the right look.

Endorsements are huge in a campaign and Seth got a big one from Patrick Kennedy late in the game. Like most things in a campaign, this video needed to be shot and edited with a very quick turn around time. We got the job done and the video went up just a few days before the election. Check it out below.