RI United for Marriage


The Right to Marry

The Challenge

After nearly two decades of trying to win marriage equality, the campaign managers realized they needed to take the fight outside the State House. So they ran one of the largest grassroots advocacy campaigns Rhode Island has ever seen. And we were in charge of all video production for the campaign. Our task was to send a powerful message about the importance of marriage for gay couples and the significant support for marriage equality in the broader faith community.


We focused the video series on 2 different stories. The first video told the “uniquely Rhode Island story” of Martha, Patty and their son, Tobin, who wanted to get married for the same reasons that straight folks do: to show their love and commitment to each other and to provide the best for their family.

The second video was based around Father Harris, an Episcopal Priest, who talks about his ability to determine–without government intervention–who is eligible to marry in his church. This was a quick turn around, produced to rebuff proposed amendments to the marriage equality bill at the last second.

The Results

The campaign was recognized for using an outstanding combination of grassroots and Netroots advocacy as well as TV and online advertising. In the end, the group successfully persuaded enough legislators to change their positions–and vote yes on the bill. Nearly two-thirds of the Rhode Island General Assembly voted in favor of marriage equality.

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