New England Tech

A Technical College

The Challenge

When New England Tech was going through their re-brand, we were brought in to assist¬†with all creative. The college’s marketing materials were outdated and needed to match the same high quality of the school. To really understand who the market was, we helped conduct several focus groups, interviews and countless hours of research. Once we knew our audience and we had the right message, we were ready to get creative.


One of our first tasks was to update the school's TV and Video presence. The goal was to convey 3 things; cutting edge technology, affordability, and job placement. We have produced dozens of commercials and online videos for the school. With some slick new ads and the right balance of TV and online video placement, the school's message reaches the right people in an affordable and effective way.


As part of their re-branding campaign, New England Tech needed to redesign their website and we were brought on as the main designer and consultant. The school needed a design that was visually appealing and also provided the wealth of information in a clean and organized fashion. We integrated more video and social media to improve time-on-site. And we built it responsive, so that the site adapts and functions properly on any device.

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