Nee Law Office

Social Media, Web

A fresh law firm

The Challenge

Nee Law was a brand new firm and they needed to make a splash once they were ready to launch. So we were brought on to brand the firm and build them a state of the art website. We didn’t just want to build them a site, we wanted to drive people to it.


We built Nee Law a state of the art site in the WordPress Content Management system. Nee Law now has complete control over all content for easy updates. We also incorporated a blog section to keep content fresh and engaging on the site and we assist with their content strategy. And of course, it's responsive so that it looks and functions well on all devices.


For the first 2 weeks that the firm was open, we ran a series of ads online including Facebook and Twitter as well as a Google retargeting campaign to drive people to the website. Along with a direct mailer, these ads helped drive a ton of traffic to the website. Most importantly, the people who were visiting the website were the right people and they needed the firm's services, and they took action. The firm was receiving several inquiries a day through the website, and that still continues.