D.F. Pray Construction

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A Construction Tycoon

The Challenge

DF Pray is one of the biggest general contractors in New England. They continue to grow and expand, and that’s why they needed a fresh look for their online presence. They were a far superior contractor than their old website showed. So we were brought in to bring D.F. Pray to the forefront and stand out among their competition.


We built a state of the art site for D.F. Pray. The most important thing for a construction company is to show off its work, and DF Pray had a LOT to show off. So we spent plenty of time on the user experience for the robust Projects section. The site is fully responsive, so it functions across all platforms whether it is mobile, tablet, or desktop.


The company is very proud of it's people, and they wanted to make that very clear. So we decided to interview key members of the team, explaining why they love the company work for. No need to boast too much about the amazing construction work they do, this company is all about it's personality. We showed that off in this video, and the company continually uses it for marketing purposes.