About Third Spoon

Why We Were Born

Third Spoon Creative was founded by our President, Adam Wotherspoon, in 2015. What started out as a small web design freelancing operation in 2010 quickly became something much bigger. Adam saw the growing need for businesses to incorporate more video into their online presence and on their websites. With an education in video and media production from Northeastern University combined with years of experience building websites, Adam went full steam ahead with that winning combo. He quickly gained a large client base and officially formed Third Spoon in 2015. Now, we are a small and very talented team that provides digital solutions for businesses. Helping other businesses grow and reach their goals is a true passion of ours, and that’s the culture we’ve developed here.  

What We're Great At

We don’t pretend to do everything. We’ve worked hard to focus our attention on very specific things so that what we do, we do very well. Our creative approach in website design and video production makes our clients stand out and achieve results, period. We work extremely hard every day to be the best at building websites and producing videos. A great website is essential to any business’s online presence and the rapid growth and popularity of video makes it a necessary tool to gain exposure. We strongly believe that the combination of a killer website loaded with relevant, useful videos is a recipe for success for any business. Check out our work to see how it’s done. 

Some of our clients