Are you smarter than a goldfish?

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The average human attention span lasts for only eight seconds, while the average attention span of a goldfish lasts for nine seconds. Why have we fallen behind goldfish on the attention span spectrum? Between live streaming, social media, and the latest trends it’s hard to focus all of our attention on just one thing. We are too busy keeping our heads buried in our phones to realize what is going on around us.

Ever been on Twitter and retweeted a link without reading the full article? Don’t worry you’re not alone. 59% of Twitter users share articles that they haven’t even read before. They share the link solely based on the first sentence or two that is shown to them. What does that mean? People aren’t spending time reading essays that are turned into articles. Pageviews will most likely be under one minute in length on any article you share. Viewers aren’t reading as much as they have been, because they are too busy multi tasking with their phones or tablets.

Without a doubt, companies want to produce better quality content year after year and produce more of it, and we agree, but you might want to think twice before you upload something. According to TrackMaven, there was a 17% drop in 2016 when it came to content engagement. Next time you’re thinking of uploading, make sure you have done all your research and properly planned. Everyone wants to make content that gets consumed and shared, but how? Make sure what you’re putting out there is clear, if people don’t understand it right away they won’t spend the time trying to figure it out. There are four key components for producing quality content.

  • Research your blog ideas before you post them. Specifically target key ideas and words.
  • Check out your competitors page and see what content engagement is working for them.
  • Create an ideal model so everything you share is held to the same standard.
  • Uploading a video can increase conversion rates by 80%.

Always stay connected with your audience, whether it be through direct questions, polls, or surveys. Stay up to date on what they want to read or watch, they are your number one source for content engagement. What better way to find out what to write about than by asking the number one source?
You can blame cell phones and social media all you want, but businesses need to adapt to this modern day reality.

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