Websites – Why and How You Should Do It (The Quick Version)

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Welcome to the 21st century where human interaction is between human and their beloved phone.  Digital Trends reported that the average American spends a third of their time on their phone.  It is impossible to walk down the street without seeing at least one person with their head staring at a tiny screen.  Humans subject themselves to endless content online, which is why it is time for businesses to get with it, enter the mobile industry, and make their mark through online marketing.


Modern, Sleek Web Design

The first way to get business is to capture the eye of the customer.  Simple and flattering layouts instantly grab attention.  Along with this, it creates a better image for your company. Seeing a professional, well-done website automatically establishes credibility in the mind of the customer, making them more likely to trust your business.

Website Design by Third Spoon for Matunuck Design Group

Compatible Website Across Various Devices

Many people not only just own a phone, but also tablets, laptops, smart tvs, etc.  These platforms have become part of everyday life in society.  Now, businesses are able to make themselves available to customers literally right at their fingertips through online marketing on these devices.  It is essential for businesses to make their website mobile friendly across all platforms.  Having a website that is hard to use on a device has a greater chance of scaring potential business away. The website on a laptop screen should look and function differently than the website on a mobile device.  Each device has different screen sizes and is used in its own way, which is why the site should be adjusted and respond to the device being used.

Constantly Checking Website Functionality

It is key to pay attention to how your business’ website is functioning.  Customers can automatically be turned off by a business if their website is failing to function properly.  Being part of a century where people expect results and answers fast, it is important for your website to work successfully and FAST.  If not, the customer will become frustrated with the slow response and automatically exit out.  Keep the attention of the customer with a speedy, receptive website.

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