How to be Louder than the Noise

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Marc Pritchard, the Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble, spoke at the American Neurological Association Masters of Marketing Conference on Thursday, October 20th.  There, he discussed the importance of understanding marketing and how to stand out above the clutter of advertisements in society.  

He admits to his own company struggling at times.  He found that their marketing strategy was restricting the success of his business.  Initially, P&G was creating an immense amount of advertisements as a way to be louder than the noise of advertising.  However, they found that their solution was not solving any problems.  It was just contributing to the clutter of society.

Their next solution did not focus on the amount of advertisements, but the creativity and content of their marketing campaign.  According to Pritchard, associating brands with society, spending time with advertising campaigns, and consistency are the key to effectively marketing a company.

Your brand and society..

Services and products need to be more than just a service or a product.  They should be packaged in a way that promotes a certain image.  The image of a business is what really separates a business from the rest of the competition.  

Using your business as a way of giving back to society promotes nothing but positive attention toward a company.  When businesses become involved in societal issues such as equality and the environment, their brand generates positive conversations between people as a means of improving the world and making it a better place.

The more time & thought, the better..

Advertisements are the same as art, time and effort is required in order to create a masterpiece.  Advertising is a skill that must master technique and creativity. Dedicating time to a campaign produces better results in the end.  The quality of the content should be the primary focus, not dedicating time to understanding the measurements of an ad.  It is the content and structure of the advertisement that truly resonate with the public.

Consistency is Key

Pritchard mentioned that people who are good at creativity believe in consistency.  Constantly advertising an authentic and captivating message of your brand will capture the attention of viewers.  Consistency creates better brand recognition and serves as an effective tool for reaching the target audience.

So take advice from Marc Pritchard… I mean he is just a marketing genius for a multibillion billion dollar company… no biggie.

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