The 3 Best Ad Campaigns on Mad Men

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Numero 1: “The Carousel”  

The Carousel is probably one of the most well-known ad campaigns ever done on the TV series, Mad Men. The idea behind this advertisement was to switch from calling Kodak’s (a camera and film company) projector “the wheel” to “the carousel” to make it more sentimental. What makes this particular campaign so incredible is the feeling of nostalgia the protagonist, Don Draper, displays when he is making the pitch. How did he do it? Draper made this campaign so successful because he made it so personal. He used photographs of his own family as he talked about how important past memories are. What can we learn? Adding the personal touch to your brand can help give your company personality and presence.

Numba 2: “It’s Toasted.” 

The phrase “It’s Toasted” was used as the tagline for the cigarette company, Lucky Strike. Lucky Strike was currently under a lot of heat because of all the health issues surrounding smoking. The dilemma: Lucky Strike wanted to stifle fears and speculations concerning smoking, but couldn’t lie about its potential harms. The solution: “It’s Toasted.” This tagline allowed Lucky Strike to paint its cigarettes as healthier and safer without directly lying. As Don Draper once said, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”  Instead of addressing the harmful chemicals in cigarettes Draper changed the conversation to a more appealing part of the process. Make the conversation about what you want it to be. If you don’t like a certain association or idea, just move the subject onto something else.

Nummburr 3:  “Pass the Heinz.” 

Even if you don’t like ketchup, this ad campaign will make you want it. The essential part of the Heinz advertisement in this campaign was the visual aspect. Don Draper shows three large photographs of french fries, steak, and a hamburger. The photographs are clear, high quality photos of classic salty dishes. Just as your mouth starts watering Drapers reveals the tagline: “Pass the Heinz.” You don’t even know you need it until you must have it. Visuals are crucial to creating your brand’s image. If your visuals are simple, high quality, and original then so is your business.

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